Some of the things we can do to help your child

1. Comprehensive assessment and analysis of your child’s movement difficulties

2. Provide  you with information and education about how your child can be helped

3. Deliver evidence based and focused interventions and therapy to help your child to achieve their full potential:

  • Individualised therapy – To work towards your child’s goals
  • Hands on therapy – To help your child to improve their movement abilities
  • Exercise and activity programs – To help reinforce and consolidate what your child has learnt during their therapy sessions
  • Coordination and strengthening programs – To help your child move and perform to the best of their abilities
  • Rehabilitation programs following injury, fracture, illness or surgery – To help your child get back to their best as quickly and safely as possible
  • Botox management – assessment for suitability, advice re: the referral process, and follow-up therapy
  • Orthotic analysis and prescription
  • Equipment analysis and prescription
  • Community visits to day cares, schools, local parks and recreation and sporting venues – To help your child to participate in their chosen activities and have fun during their physiotherapy!