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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a referral to see a physio.  You can call and make an appointment with us directly.
Yes, as long as your private health plan includes physiotherapy as part of your extra’s cover and you have not reached your rebate limit for the year.
Please contact Move and Play Paediatric Therapy for a current fee schedule and to discuss your child’s needs. Fees vary depending on the length and location of the appointment.
If your child has a chronic health condition or complex care needs, then there may be funding options available to help pay for or subsidise your child’s physiotherapy sessions:

Medicare Rebates:

Chronic Disease Management/ Enhanced Primary Care Plan

This plan is available for people who have a chronic health condition (one that has been, or is likely to be, present for six months or longer) or complex care needs.
Medicare rebates are available for up to five (5) eligible allied health sessions per calendar year (January 1st-December 31st). The current rebate per physiotherapy session is $52.95. A referral from your GP is necessary to set up these services. Further information is available from the Medicare website, or by contacting your GP.

Medicare Better Start Subsidy

This is for children under 15 years with a eligible diagnosis through the Better Start for Children with a Disability program (see below for a list of eligible diagnoses), as long as they received a diagnosis prior to 13 years of age.
Medicare rebates are available for up to four (4) assessment sessions and up to 20 treatment services or sessions. The current rebate per physiotherapy session is $74.80. A referral from your GP or specialist doctor is necessary to set up these services. Further information is available from the Better Start website, or by contacting your GP.

Better Start Early Intervention Funding:

Children under 6 years of age with an eligible disability (see list below) can receive Early Intervention Funding for services and therapy from registered service providers, up to a maximum of $6000 per year (to a maximum of $12,000 to be used before the age of 7. Move and Play Paediatric Therapy is an approved provider for Better Start services. Children must be registered through the Better Start program, which can be organised through the Better Start Registration and Information Service. Further information regarding the Better Start Funding program is available on the Australian Government’s Better start website.

Eligible diagnoses through the Better Start program:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Deaf blindness
  • Down syndrome, including mosaic Down syndrome
  • Fragile X syndrome with full mutation
  • Hearing impairment
  • Sight impairment
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Williams syndrome
  • Angelman syndrome
  • Kabuki syndrome
  • Smith-Magenis syndrome
  • CHARGE syndrome
  • Cornelia de Lange syndrome
  • Rett’s disorder
  • Cri du Chat syndrome
  • Microcephaly
Your first appointment is used to get to know you and your child, to assess your child’s current abilities, and develop an understanding of their strengths and difficulties.  From this information, we can then work together to develop a plan to help to optimise your child’s movement and abilities.

Here is a general outline of what we might do during your first physiotherapy session:

Ask you and your child questions, using an information sheet and face to face questions

Questions we will ask might include what your child can and can’t do, what they like to do and play with.  We will also ask questions about your child’s medical and developmental history, and what you would like to get out of physiotherapy for your child.

Perform an evaluation of your child’s strengths/abilities and weaknesses/difficulties

This might include watching how they move and play; testing their muscle strength, joint movements, and their balance and coordination; challenging their movement abilities; and building a rapport with your child.

Develop goals for physiotherapy and a treatment plan

We will collaborate with you to decide what goals are the most important to your child, to you as their parent/s, and to your whole family, in order to optimise your child’s overall abilities, function and participation.  Together with you, we will also come up with a treatment plan that suits your child and family, and works towards positive outcomes for your child.

Initiate therapy or treatment to start working towards your goals

That will depend on how complex your child’s condition is, as well as how long they will tolerate treatment for. However, most sessions will be between 30 to 90 minutes long.
The only thing we need is some floor space and possibly some of your child’s favourite toys. If your baby is not yet moving around, we should only need some space on the carpet or on a rug in the lounge room or living room. If you child is walking and running, we may need a bigger space so that we can assess their walking and running – a hallway, a large lounge room or outside on the patio can work well for this.
Your child should wear something comfortable for their physiotherapy appointment. Physiotherapy sometimes requires stretches and exercises, so you should make sure your child is not wearing something too restrictive.