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Support workers, therapy assistants, and your child’s therapy program

Using allied health assistants, therapy assistants, or support workers to help supplement a child’s allied health therapy is a great opportunity coming out of the introduction of the NDIS.  In this blog post, I hope to share some information to help parents to decide whether, why and how to engage a therapy assistant in [...]

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What is Paediatric Physiotherapy???

Why do kids need physiotherapy?  What do you do? When I tell people I am a paediatric physiotherapist, or a physiotherapist who works with babies and children, people frequently respond with “Um, ok. What do kids need to see a physio for?". Most people generally have an idea what physio's might do for adults [...]

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The 3rd June was World Clubfoot Day, which aims to raise awareness of clubfeet and the management of this congenital condition.  Read on to find out more about clubfeet and how it is managed. What is Clubfoot? Lots of children may be born with feet that turn slightly inwards or outwards; however, their feet are [...]

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Introducing Caitlin :)

In April, we welcomed Caitlin Hibbard, physiotherapist, to the Move and Play Paediatric Therapy team. Caitlin is an experienced physiotherapist who has a passion for working with children, and the Mum of two delightful little boys.  Caitlin has worked with children and families with a variety of different needs across hospital and community settings.  [...]

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Challenging Behaviours during Therapy Sessions

What does it look like, why your child does it, & what can we do to manage it? Challenging or difficult behaviour is a normal part of child development.  Challenging or difficult behaviours can also frequently be observed in therapy sessions – however, sometimes, these behaviours can hijack the therapy session and therefore impede [...]

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The Role of Physiotherapy for Children with Autism

In addition to the behavioural, sensory and social-emotional difficulties, many children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will also experience difficulties with their motor skills and capabilities. Children with ASD may achieve early gross motor milestones such as sitting, crawling and independent walking within the expected timeframes, but the quality of their movements may be [...]

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Introducing Anna :)

In January we welcomed Anna Deguara to Move and Play Paediatric Therapy as a physiotherapist in a full time capacity.  Anna is an experienced physiotherapist who has worked for the past 4 years in the field of paediatrics treating infants and children with a wide range of developmental conditions.  In addition, Anna has completed of [...]

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Down Syndrome: Early motor skill development & physiotherapy

The development of early gross motor skills, such as sitting, crawling and walking, allows an infant or child with Down Syndrome (DS) to explore their environment and interact with people around them, which is pivotal to their overall development.  However, due to the interplay between certain physical characteristics (such as low muscle tone and increased [...]

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F-words in childhood disability

To begin with, I want to reassure you all that this post does not contain any profanities ;) ... I have recently read an interesting article ( that has made me think about how I, as a health professional, can best help children with disabilities and their families.  I am passionate about making sure that [...]

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