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Move and Play Paediatric Therapy is a children’s therapy service based in Mackay, Queensland, that helps babies and children of all ages and abilities to develop into happy, confident and thriving kids.

We believe that all children, regardless of their abilities or differences, have value and should be given opportunity to achieve that value.

To help children achieve their potential, our experienced therapists conduct comprehensive assessments, and develop individualised treatment programs that help children to move and play to the best of their ability.  Our programs are tailored to each child and family’s individual needs and can consist of one to one therapy, small group therapy, support to participate in their home, school, and community, social or sporting environments.


Founded in 2015 by Emily Hayles, Physiotherapist and Owner, Move and Play Paediatric Therapy was established to help meet the growing need for Paediatric Therapy services for children in the Mackay region. Having worked with children and families for 10years in the public health sector, Emily was frustrated with having to deliver what felt like suboptimal care to children due to time and resource constraints. She could see so much potential in these children, if only they could access better quality or more frequent care that had the flexibility to be delivered according to their individual needs including within their community environments.

Since our early days, our service has grown, and Emily has gathered a team of passionate and experienced therapists and support staff who share her passion and attitude for helping children and families to thrive.

What makes us unique?

At Move and Play, all our therapists are specifically trained in the care of babies and children.  Our sole focus at our practice is the care of children and families, and our services and clinic environment is set up specifically to meet the needs of children.  And we treat kids as kids – we believe in the value of kids being able to do the things that are important to them.

We work in a child and family centred way.  We believe that parents know their children better than anyone else.  We collaborate with children, parents and families to add value to their already existing strengths.  We believe that your child’s therapy needs to fit into your family life, not life fitting around therapy.

We believe that every child has the capacity to learn, given the right opportunities.  We look for these opportunities, not the barriers.

We celebrate all the little successes.  Your child’s achievement of ‘millistones’ is just as important and exciting as their achievement of ‘milestones’.

We are known for being helpful, positive and passionate about our work, and for being leaders in helping children in our local community.

Our Service Values

  • Flexibility
    We understand that each child and family is unique, and that their needs are unique.  We strive to ensure our services have the flexibility to be able to meet the individualised needs of each child and their family.

  • Partnership
    We recognise that parents know their child and their child’s needs best, and understand that a child’s opportunities for development and well-being is maximised when supported by their family, friends, and community.  We work together with children and families, as well as with other health, support, education, sporting and recreational services to maximise the health, well-being, and development of children within the Mackay community.

  • Solutions focused
    We strive to always find a way to help all children and families in the Mackay region who will benefit from our support.  If we don’t know something, we will find out for you.  If you child requires another service, we will ensure your child is referred to the right service.  If we are not the right physiotherapy service for your child, we will help you to find someone who is.

  • Leadership
    We pride ourselves on being a leader in and advocate for children’s physiotherapy services within regional Queensland.  We are up to date and informed, innovative and creative, and always trying to improve the lives of children and their families.

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